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About FDL

Why FDL?

Comprehensive Services Offered by Our Group Companies

As a member of the Flower Design Lab Group, in the facility management field for more than 10 years field.
We can start from the beginning design process to finalizing the finished product for you. Using our general knowledge and experience regarding buildings and their surrounding landscapes, we can propose efficient and environmentally friendly facility management ideas.

High Level Technical Staff

Our management team consists of experts from a number of fields such as security, cleaning, gardening, facility management, and building construction. Our well-trained professional staff members share knowledge, ideas, and experience within our company group. This allows us to easily work together to resolve problems and challenges.

Cost Performance of Our “One-Stop Service”

By comprehensively managing and operating facilities and buildings, we can reduce maintenance time and related operating and labor costs. Carefully visualizing the management status of each department allows us to provide detailed service while simultaneously maximizing performance.

Effective Use of ICT

We use the latest ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to manage facilities. By implementing the experience and knowledge of our building design and construction business, we can incorporate the latest ICT for our customers. This allows for positive results and enables us to take immediate action when a problem occurs. We also strive for highly efficient, accurate facility management by combining trained manpower with ICT.