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Gardening Service

We maintain environmentally friendly spaces using our professional gardening and garden maintenance services. Our plant leasing and landscape design services also help create an environment that harmonizes nature and people.

01 Regular Garden Maintenance

  • Watering
  • Pruning
  • Fertilizing
  • Lawn Mowing and Other Needs.

02 Special Garden Maintenance

  • Pruning of Large Trees and Bushes
  • Mowing of Large Lawns
  • Watering by Water Truck and Other Methods.

03 Plant Leasing

We lease a large variety of plants for office facilities and indoor spaces. Customers are surrounded by beautiful, healthy plants without the need of the customer to manage or take care of these plants. We believe these interior plants will help improve the working environment while also increasing productivity.

04 Landscape Design and Construction

We design and construct beautiful and modern landscapes.
We can help create a beautiful landscaped space that is easy to manage and meets the customer’s needs. For more information about our landscape and exterior projects see this page.

05 Flower Gift / Flower Decoration

We provide floral gifts and decorations for various events and ceremonies.
We also have an online flower shop “Suzuca Flower”.