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Exterior and Repair

The quality of building construction in Thailand is often poor, and combined with climatic aspects, this can cause problems in many areas if building repair is not done regularly. Through the works as a specialized company in landscaping, we have introduced repair issues unique to Thailand including building and exteriors at an early stage and have gained the support of many of our customers.

Our group companies include a comprehensive facility company that also handles security and cleaning services, and we can offer a full range of proposals related to the overall management and maintenance of buildings.

01 Exterior Construction

Road construction/parking lot construction/exterior wall construction/landscaping construction/toilet construction/staircase construction/gutter replacement/roof replacement

02 Coating Construction

Roof coating/exterior wall coating/floor coating/waterproof coating/iron-part coating/tank coating, etc.

03 Facility Construction

Electrical construction/lighting construction/water supply construction/plumbing construction/drainage construction/fire-fighting equipment construction, etc.

04 Landscaping Construction

Planting construction/indoor greenery/sprinkler construction/pond and fountain construction/park construction/football court construction/artificial turf construction, etc.